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The scope of MCPDs cannot be delimited to any specific issues, as it can be expanded at anytime to cover any issue considered appropriate, sufficient and relevant to the needs of members.  However, it is expected that the CPDs would enhance members knowledge and professional competence in the following field through structured courses initiated, organised and approved by Council in the following areas:

  1. Auditing and Assurance Services
  2. Consulting
  3. Industry and Commerce
  4. Public Sector Accounting
  5. Information TechnologyPDs.

(1)Encourage members to study further with a view to maintaining an adequate level of technical knowledge;

(2)Assist members to develop closer relations with each other in order to encourage discussions and transfer of skills, experience and knowledge;

(3)Open discussions on topical issues for the purpose of applying uniform procedures and treatment to same accounting events and transactions;

(4)Change the focus of the accountant from traditional financial function to fuller managerial roles such as financial and administrative management; and

(5)Institute any other training activities that would enable beneficiaries of MCPDs develop their latent talents and maintain their competence and relevance in today’s economic, political and social environments.


Activity Credits
Each attendance of CPD Workshop, Seminar 6
Writing a Technical Article for Member’s Journals 9
Writing a Relevant Article for Student’s Journal 6
Attendance at each Committee Meeting 2
Attendance at District/Practice Society Meeting 2
Participation in Accountants’ Conference 9
Attendance at Council Meeting 2

​The total credit for MCPDs should be 35 Credits per annum.

A member who attends 4 CPDs; 6 Committee meetings; Accountants’ Conference; 6 District Society meetings and writes one technical article in either Journal of Newsletter earns the following credits.

Below a Master’s Degree 9
Master’s Degree 18
Doctorate Degree 24

Those who have not earned credits for such certificates may submit their examination results for credits in one year only, and not the subsequent year.  Public lectures conducted other than by the Institute of  Chartered Accounts [Ghana] that reflect or impact on the accountant’s profession, when attendance is reliably proved would attract 6 MCPD credits.

Lectures delivered at a District Society meeting, when reliably proved will earn 6 credits.  Except, however, that where such a lecture is offered during a District Society meeting, no separate credits shall be earned for attendance.

Members of Council shall have, as honorarium, free admittance to 2 MCPDs.

In view of the importance Council attaches to the CPDs, attendance notification slips would be given to all participants of all the CPDs organised by the Institute. In addition, the Education and Training directorate at the Secretariat would keep a “register” of attendance on each CPD.

Members, on attending any CPD not organised by the Institute, would be required to notify the Secretariat of the following information:

  1. Topic
  2. Duration
  3. The Background of the Resource Person(s)
  4. The Organiser

The Committee is being called to critically evaluate the award of credits and the total credits one should require in order to be deemed to have satisfied the Continued Professional Development Programme requirements.


Education & Training Director