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The ICAG Chartered Diploma Programme is a professional diploma with specialization in various fields of study in business. The course content focuses on the ability of graduates to perform assigned duties in their chosen areas of specialization.

It is expected that the tremendous insight to be gained by participants will improve their competencies on the job. ICAG expects to attract very ambitious participants from different backgrounds. Applicants with higher academic qualifications and demonstrable work experience are our main target.

The courses offer participants better local choice – perhaps a luxury in the current environment. This is a step which is bound to revolutionize the training of middle-level management staff in the country and beyond. This package contains a comprehensive range of advance diploma in the fields specified to target the population within the sub-region.


Two programmes have been targeted for August 2016, namely:

  •    Chartered Diploma in Forensic Audit.
  •   Chartered Diploma in Treasury and Risk Management.


The past decade has witnessed significant white-colour crimes with repercussions that transcend national boundaries. These seem to have been caused by factors which are usually regarded as inherent in the modern business transactions. The versatility of personal computers coupled with the internet is being used to rob individuals, businesses and sometimes state institutions. The globalization of business operations is to be blamed. Forensic auditing has immerged as a detection and preventive measure.

What it is about
The ICAG Chartered Diploma in Forensic Auditing seeks to combine accounting and auditing principles to criminology and investigation to build a unique skill for the local market and beyond. This is in response to the growing global need for professionals to assist with services not treated in conventional accountancy training. The course therefore seeks to sharpen participants’ ability to investigate fraud and other white-colour crimes, quantify such fraudulent activities and provide expert advice on such matters.

Programme Objectives
The course seeks to develop participants’ ability to prevent, investigate and fight fraud in a professional capacity. Upon completion of the course, participants would be able to:

  •     Understand the impact of fraud in the private and public sectors;
  •     Implement anti-fraud policies to prevent frauds;
  •    Use appropriate investigative techniques to investigate fraud with the view to providing evidence in the court of law; and
  •    Quantify losses suffered as a result of fraud and crime.


    PART A: 1. Financial fraud; 2. Criminology and Law
    PART B: 3. Loss Quantification; 4. Forensic Audit; 5. Cyber Crime


Business risk faced by corporate bodies has kept pace with the business expansion and industrialization. Closely associated with this is the problem of inadequate management of treasury functions in businesses. It is believed that sound treasury and risk management increase the financial performance of the organization. Regrettably however, the training of manpower for such purposes is in its infancy in Ghana.

What it is about

ICAG Chartered Diploma in Treasury and Risk Management is an innovative way of proactively handling potential challenges to be faced by the booming corporate activities in Ghana before they become insurmountable. Very advanced and critical topics in treasury and risk management shall therefore be discussed in the course.

Programme Objectives

Upon completion of the Programme, participants shall be able to:

  •     Establish treasury and risk management functions to support business operation
  •     Collect relevant data, analyze it and provide professional advice about business risk and the cost and benefits to an organization
  •     Handle treasury function in institution: financial or otherwise
  •     Institute and run anti-money laundering policies in corporate bodies

Programme Content

The course comprises of four subjects carefully crafted to cover key areas in treasury and risk management.

Part A: 1. Treasury Framework; 2. Financial Modelling
Part B: 3. Corporate Treasury; 4. Strategic Risk Management; 5. Working Capital Management

Target Participants
This range of ICAG diploma programmes are practice-focused and aimed at equipping participants with practical knowledge to improve on the job performance.
The course would be suitable for the following category of qualified professional accountants, CA, ACCA, CIMA, CPA, etc.

Duration: 10 weekends

Time: Saturdays Only, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Venue: Accountancy House, East Legon

Date: 6th August, 2016
Cost: GH¢3,100.00 per programme

For further enquiries contact:

The Chief Executive Officer
The Institute of Chartered Accountants-Ghana
P. O. Box GP 4268, Accra.
Tel: 054-4336701-2/027-7801422-4
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.